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    Would anyone be interested in taking an RNC review course in Dallas, TX for the RNC-NIC?

    Methodist Dallas is working along with March of Dimes to put on a 3 day Review Course in November. The cost will be around $300 - $350. I will have more details soon if anyone is interested.

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    I would love to know more. I have been looking for a review course to help me prepare for the NICU RNC exam forever, but haven't found anything in the Texas. The price sounds about right for a 3 day course. How many CE's are there?
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    Yes there are CE's. Here is a little info:

    It's a 3-Day NICU Review Course with 25.5 Credit Hours for nurses. Conducted by KMJ consulting the course will focus on all aspects of neonatal nursing care. It is designed for Registered Nurses with experience in Level II and Level III nurseries as a review or in preparation for the certification exam in neonatal intensive care nursing.

    It's November 18 - 20, 2010 at Methodist Dallas Medical Center in the Hitt Auditorium. Early Registration is $295.00 with a Deadline of October 18, 2010. Regular Registration is $350.00 with a Deadline of November 11, 2010. More info and registration can be found at www.marchofdimes.com/texas
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    Thanks so much! I checked out the March of Dimes site and this sounds great!
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    You're welcome!
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    I am so happy to have found this!! I just attempted my exam, and failed. I'm very disappointed in myself, but I didn't really study that much. I had given up on trying again...until I found this. A review course sounds great, much better for me than trying to go at it on my own. So, I think I'm gonna try again. If you have any pointers on the exam, I would greatly appreciate anything!! Thanks for posting!!!
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    Postings easy - you're welcome. I've heard the course is great from some nurses that have taken it in other places. They say it made all the difference in them passing. I'm personally really excited about taking the course and then sitting for the RNC-NIC exam.

    Best of luck to you and I'm glad to hear you're not giving up.
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    I've signed up for this review course, but does anyone know of an inexpensive hotel in the area? All the hotels listed look a little expensive.
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    I'm just a nursing student, but this thread brought up memories >.>
    My mom used to work at Methodist Dallas about 3-4 years ago when I was in middle school!
    I'm going to look at that March of Dimes website just for the heck of it, though.
    I'll be moving back to Texas as soon as I graduate (:
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    i’m not sure what price range you are looking for, but you might try the candlewood suites dallas/market center. i think they have a shuttle that can take you to methodist dallas. here is their contact info:
    7930 north stemmons freeway
    dallas, tx 75247 united states

    hotel front desk number: 214-631-3333

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