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Would anyone be interested in taking an RNC review course in Dallas, TX for the RNC-NIC? Methodist Dallas is working along with March of Dimes to put on a 3 day Review Course in November. The... Read More

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    i'm sad to announce this course has been cancelled do to lack of early registrations. if you have registered and paid, you will get a full refund. it will hopefully be rescheduled for spring.
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    Do you know of any other courses being offered? Or of any way to get the information that was being presented? I'm sorry more people didn't register.
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    Unfortunately, I don't know of any other courses being offered at this time or a way to get the info. I was really counting on this course as well. If I find out anything, I'll post it.
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    Do we know yet if this course still plans to be rescheduled?
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    Not meaning to hijack this thread, I just wanted to share this company which also does very good reviews for study towards the RNC exams. (They have reviews for High Risk & Low Risk Neonatal Certifications.) The main speaker is quite wonderful as I have seen her at some national nursing conferences and read her authored works in Neonatal nursing journals as well. You have to check the web site every once in a while to see when and where new conferences are scheduled and you can give them your email and they will send you a message when new conferences are scheduled. I have had my High Risk Neonatal Nursing Certification since 2000 but think it would be great to go to one of these reviews just because I love NICU nursing and can learn something every day!

    Good luck to all of you who are working toward your certification! It's so totally worth it!