Questions for experinced (20+ yrs) neonatal nurses.

  1. Needs to interview someone in the field I want to go into for my ethics class. The person needs to have 20+ years in nursing and needs to be currently working in the field. If you are not currently working in the field but was working in it within the past year that is fine. I don't know any neonatal nurses and all the nurses I've tried to contact are too busy to be interviewed. Please answer each question in detail. Hope there is somebody who can help me. Questions are below.

    First give me some background about yourself like education, where your working, years of experience, name and so on.

    What etical components of this profession do you wish that you had known about when entering the field?

    Who and/or what has most influenced your professional ethical development?

    How have ethics in this profession changed during your years working in it?

    How have your work methods and professional ethics changed during your career, due to the evolving ethics of the field?

    What particular challenges do you face when working with someone who does not share your ethics?

    When witnessing a colleague's breach of ethics, how have you handled it?

    What is the most difficult part of your work, in terms of ethics and the broader range of human difficulties, and how do you contend with it?

    How have you developed back-up for expecially difficult situations, particularly:
    -Contigency plans (plan B's)
    -Trusted colleagues who will be present and available, as needed.

    After a hard day of work, how, and with whom do you debrief and vent on the job?

    After a hard day of work, how, and with whom do you debrief and vent after leaving for the day?

    What would you want someone entering the profession now to know about the ethics of the field?

    For someone just entering the field, whom would you uphold as a sort of guiding North Star in the profession, whose contributions are worthy of admiration and emulation?

    Thank You!!
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