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Pediatric Nursing(HELP)

  1. 0 Hello:
    I am a 22 year freshman at Bunker Hill Community College. Currently I am taking general courses like math/eng/psy. which as you all know are pre-requisites for the Nursing program at my school. As soon as I am done with the Nursing Program. Would I have to continue to a 4 yr. college/univ. to specialize in Pediatric Nursing? I have no idea what to do next. Can someone please HELP!!!!!!!!! I'm lost! I wanted to be an elementary school teacher cause if I ever have children, i wanted to be able to be around them but also wanted to be in a field where it involves children. I thought Pediatric Nursing would be the best thing, but I'm scared cause of the stories I've heard about the hours and on call all the time. Well Basicly I just need to know what step to take next after i finish this 2 yr. community college program.
    Someone pleasessssse help!