PCH nicu or Banner level III nicu job

  1. With all the changes amongst PCH and banner in PHX AZ if you had your choice at pch nicu at the main campus or a level III nicu at banner. What would you choose?
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  3. by   juliachloe
    I worked for Banner and a friend of mine worked for both PCH & Banner. I spent over 6 years at Banner and LOVED IT. She however preferred PCH. You will find pros and cons to both facilities.

    Banner pros: largest NICU in the region - lots of floorspace & lots of staff, lots of ancillary services, friendly staff, cafeteria open at night, really good benefits, great deal of experience with all NICU populations (micros, anomalies, surgeries) with the exception of cardiac.
    Banner cons: lots of management, lots of head-butting with management both spoken & unspoken, ok RN/neo relationships, NNP coverage ONLY on days, ECMO program started last year in collaboration with the PICU.

    Now I don't have much info for PCH since I didn't work there myself, so what I have for info is what I have gotten from others. Take it with a grain of salt.
    PCH pros: lots of experience with ECMO, good RN/neo relationships.
    PCH cons: source for micros was bought out by Banner hence admissions will be transports, "stuck-up" RNs.
    Now that last part was a consensus of opinions by fellow RNs that had once worked at PCH. You will find unpleasant people everywhere. Even at Banner. See if you can get some more opinions. I will ask my friend over there if she'd be willing to talk with you.