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  1. Dear Nurses,Hello!=) I'm currently a junior in high school. Not only that I'm also part of my school's Health Accademy. An accademy that is dedicated in teaching and educating students like about careers in the heath field. Right now we are doing an project called the I-Search where each student picks a health profession that they find interesting or want to become and do a factual research on it, along with an interview with a person in that profession. The career I decided to chose was Neonatal Nursing because I wanted a career that deals with working with newborns and taking care of them. So far I done my research on Neonatal Nursing however, I'm having trouble finding a Neonatal Nurse to interview. Think you guys can help by answering my questions below or providing me contact information to one? Thank You Very Much For Reading, Sincerely College_Ready (Future Neonatal Nurse)Interview Q's1.
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