Normal Newborn Lab Values

  1. I am trying to get together a "cheat sheet" with normal newborn lab values. I work in a Level II facility so we only have 32 weeks and up. I can't seem to find a good source that gives me normal values for CBC w/diff, CRP, formula for detecting shift in bloodwork, BMP, routine admission and follow-up blood work, etc. I don't want to ask co-workers because they look at you like you SHOULD know this. My hospital is not big on education so I am trying to learn as much as I can on my own. Does anyone have this list compiled or know of any good web sites that list this info? Any info is appreciated. Thanks for your help.
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  3. by   seasalt
    Don't let your co-workers discourage you, it's great that you are trying to learn the labs. Over the years I've worked with nurses who have that "you should already know this" look perfected.........what I found out is that most of them didn't know. I work in a huge level III NICU and we still have nurses that don't understad labs.

    There are a couple of good (I think) reference books. Protocols in Neonatal Nursing by Carole Kenner, Stephanie Rockwern Amlung, and Ann Applewhite Flandermeyer. The book costs about $45 (or $20 used from and is over 700 pages. It's a paperback and doesn't take up too much room. Also, Comprehensive Neonatal Nursing by Carole Kenner, Ann Brueggemeyer, and Laurie Porter Gunderson. It's pricey, right at $115, 1200+ pages of just about anything you can run across in an NICU. It's one of those weight-lifting text books like you carried in nursing school. Both have lists of common lab values.

    If I remember right, a few years ago Neonatal Network ran a good article about CBC's explaining what abnormal results meant. Would your lab have a list of neonatal norms that you could copy?

    Good luck!!
  4. by   KatrinaPM
    I'm at a teaching hospital and I know there are "cheat sheets" for the residents that come in monthly that have all of the protocols in one very condensed space. See if you have anything like that available!
  5. by   Somei
    Lab values will vary based on gestational age and postnatal age. What is normal for a term infant will not be normal for a 24 weeker. I suggest looking at the tables provided in A. A. Fanaroff, R.J.Martin, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine. This will give you an idea of how lab values can vary based on gestational age and postnatal age in days.

    Hope this helps!