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Hello ALL, I have a Job INTERVIEW in a LEVEL 3 Nicu at my current hospital and I am EXCITED but Terrified!!! IF anyone can give any interview pointers, common questions asked, and any particular Things I should ask the Nurse... Read More

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    I have to agree with an earlier post....truly show your passion and enthusiasm for wanting to work with nicu. i work in the nursery only after 6 mos as a nurse and both my managers attributed my getting hired to that. good luck!

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    So following up with this post. My interview was the end of October, have yet to hear from the managers. I did a follow-up thank you email the day after and a phone call with left voicemails the next day. They said it could take 1-2 weeks. It's been about a week and a half. Is there anything else I could do? I keep beating myself up thinking that I could have sold myself more. Any advice?
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    Monday....I would call the recruiting Nurse in HR....and check the status.....that's what I did......Best of Luck :-)
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    Ha I actually stopped by the Nurse Regcruitment office she said she didn't know the exact number of positions they had, "a couple." And I had heard through the grapevine that one girl's friend had gotten a position as a new grad. The Nurse Recruiter was like "all you can do is wait." But I'm definitely going to do a follow-up call on Monday. I'm just so anxious because I want it so badly! Thanks!

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