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Hi everyone! I just graduated with my BSN in December from a nursing school in Ohio. When I graduated I moved to Tracy California (near San Francisco) to be with my husband. I am enrolled in a... Read More

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    I am going to be in the same position as you (when I graduate in Dec 2013). I originally dreamed of being a Neonatologist, but when I thought further of it I decided I would much rather prefer being a NICU nurse and later getting my NNP. It's been a dream of mine since I was 14.
    I don't really have any advice or any recommendations on where to apply, all I can say is put out as many applications as you can. I know the NICU at our local hospital hires 1 or 2 new graduates every year, and that they actually prefer to hire new grads who will be staying in the NICU field for their career so they can really specialize in their knowledge. And one of my friends got a job in the NICU right after graduation, another got an opportunity to do Labor & Delivery/NICU.
    Good luck!
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    How do you all like the NICU so far as new grads , Any input would be great

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