New Grad in NICU/Peds

  1. I've been offered a new grad position in NICU/Peds. Does anyone have any info on starting out in either of these specialties? I decided to forgo starting in medsurg because I prefer to work where I am passionate and if I'm wrong, medsurg will always be there waiting for me.
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  3. by   jess,rn
    Hi Missy! I'm right here with you! I've been out of nursing school for about 14 months and have spent that time a a pediatric clinic and I've also spent those summer months at a Christian sports camp for 13-18 year olds, working as an RN. Now I've been offered a job in NICU, which is where my heart is. I'd also like some "starting out" tip/hints/idea, etc....

    Good Luck! I hope you love it!!!!!
  4. by   cnzapf
    I graduated a year ago and started off in a level II NICU and then moved to a larger city to work in a level III NICU. I was very grateful for my level II experience as a new grad because I felt I was a lot more prepared for the level III experience. Being a new grad anywhere is just have to go with the flow and never be afraid to ask questions. I know it sounds cliche, but I've seen some new grads afraid to ask questions and then making a terrible mistake.
    If NICU/peds is where your interest is, then I would say go for it! You've got a long career ahead of you so you've got lots of time to try out different areas of nursing
  5. by   dragonfly55
    words of advice- please ask questions- if you aren't sure about something- ask !
    find 1 or 2 experienced nurses that you admire, respect and feel comfortable with - let them be your role model and help you along the way.. you can learn alot from them
    there is a great deal to learn, it is never ending- (it's a good thing)
    please learn the basics before wanting to jump in and take on the vents, code pinks, etc.
    good luck
  6. by   RNnicu42
    Im a new grad in CA and I LOVE the NICU. I did my preceptorship in a local level III NICU and I want to go directly into NICU instead of med/surg if possible. Where do you guys live that you were able to get a new grad job in a NICU? I am having trouble finding the opportunity out here.
  7. by   modnini1
    Hello! I'm a GN about to start in NICU, i'm very excited and nervous. Any advice? we didn't learn too much about this area in school, but it's where i know i want to be. Good luck to the rest of you starting out!
  8. by   Nicki N
    Hello I am starting the nursing program at University of Southern Nevada in July. I was wondering if it is difficult to get a job in NICU? I do not have an internship during this program so I am worried that it will be difficult for me to find a job after graduation.