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Need Kardex Samples

  1. 0 We are looking for samples of bedside Kardex type forms to give detailed shift report information and ongoing information. The forms we have now are not working very well . Any help will be appreciated!!
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    I work in a 48 bed Level III NICU and we redid our report/kardex/pathways system 2 years ago. I left that unit and traveled to 3 top units last year and got to use other systems and I like my my home unit's the best. We do not chart online yet, though we are told that when we move to our new unit in about a year that we will be. Presently each patient has a flow sheet at the bedside. If you want samples, send me your address. Good luck. Cindy
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    thanks iyqyqr for responding. First thing...yea!!! I too am a Diploma Grad and have worked NICU for 27 years!! I am very new to the forum thing, and I do not know how to send you my address. I would appreciate any samples you may have
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    just click on her name and then you can pm or send email to her. I want a copy, too! :icon_roll

    Quote from Dakota.825
    I do not know how to send you my address. I would appreciate any samples you may have
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    I also would like a Kardex copy if possible. I tried to pm or e-mail but was not able to by clicking on the there any other way to do that?
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    If you have a fax # I will send you a copy of ours. It works great after many revisions.
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    cshell1964 please contact me, as I still don't know how to contact folks yet. I would like a copy of your Kardex
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    I would love any copies of kardexes that work. I have a fax number, but I can't figure out how to send it privately.


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    Hey Kat, If you still need sample of kardex, just PM me and I will fax our Kardex to you...

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    Hello, I am new to the site. I am also looking for any kardex samples that anyone is willing to share. I work in a critical access hospital 25 beds, I have been a nurse for 2yrs I work med-surg and orientate to the L/D wing. I am wanting to re-do our kardex for our med/surg wing to stream line them. Any samples would be greatly appreciated, I also am unsure how to navaigate or send anything on this site, any how to's of how to do's would be also appreciated. Thankyou