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  1. 0 I have been an early intervention OT for 14 years. I have worked in the NICU for the last 2 of those years, my dream setting. Now that I am in the NICU, I plan on working in this setting until I retire. The problem is, not all NICUs employ therapists and my husband will likely be transferred in his job every 3-5 years.

    Also, since I've been in the NICU, I have determined that the ultimate caregiver for these fragile pts is a provider that supports development with every single touch, while also providing great medical care and family education. I guess in a perfect world, nicu nurses would also be OTs and OTs would also be nicu nurses! (But in a perfect world there would be no sick/preemie babies who need us... )

    I am a CIMI and have completed lactation education and NOMAS training. I am also working on the Developmental Specialist designation through NANN. Because of my husband's work transfers and my desire to learn the medical aspect of neonatal care, I have been finishing pre-reqs for my BSN. I have applied for fall and am in the waiting period, but am very ambivalent... 48 years old and going back for 4 hard semesters when I already have a wonderful prn job. Am I crazy??? Do you think my OT experience and specialized training will make me more marketable as a new grad nurse in the NICU? Or will I struggle to find work as a NICU nurse just like many of our colleagues?
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    By OT you mean occupational therapist? Than you are as precious as gold, especially since you did some Lactation Consultant/breast feeding courses.
    Good luck!
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    I think you will definitely be more marketable having worked in the NICU and your background experience. I also suggest trying to land a NICU clinical rotation if your nursing school offers one. Hopefully the job market improves by the time you graduate. Good luck!

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