Looking for NICU jobs in the S.F. Bay Area

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    I am hoping to move to San Francisco and want to stay in the NICU. I currently have 2 years of NICU experience and was hoping that I could get some recommendations/suggestions/information on the NICUs in that area. Any help or information would be helpful. Thanks!
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    I lived in SF for about 7 years and went to grad school with a woman who worked in the NICU at Children's Hospital in Berkeley; she then became the CNS there. I don't know if she is still working there or not, but she really loved it. Children's also has a great reputation as being one of the best hospitals too! Good luck~
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    Thanks! I just applied to a full-time position at Children's yesterday. I am still working on getting my CA license so not sure if that will hurt me on my chances as a CA license is a requirement. We'll see. Did you love living there? I grew up in East Bay, 22 years gone now, but would love to be in the City again.
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    I really loved it and miss it at times! We left because my husband was downsized from his biotech position and I was 7 mo pregnant so we moved back to Madison, WI where I am from. Living here is easier with kids, although I do miss the Bay Area. It is a special place!