Houston NICUs - the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly??

  1. Greetings, I will soon be relocating to Houston, and I would love to know the down and dirty and/or great learning opportunities available in H-Town. I have about 3.5 years of previous NICU experience in a level III/IV NICU, I have my RNC, but I have been away from the bedside for about 1.5 years to pursue another nursing opportunity. I miss the NICU, and I am searching for a new Houston "home." Any advice? Please feel free to pm me. Your comments are very much appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   JRich
    Hi! I work in one of the NICU's in Houston. I am at the Woman's Hospital of Texas. I work in level 2 and am trying to transfer to level 3 at my facility. There are a few large name hospitals here. Houston has the largest medical center in the world. Texas Children's is a pretty popular hospital. I don't know which hospitals all have NICU's (I'm still newish to Texas), but I do enjoy the one I am at.
  4. by   ToughingItOut
    Hey there JRich,

    Thank you for the response! Where are you from originally? I would actually love to work Level II to get myself adjusted back to bedside. Truthfully, how do you like Womens's? I've seen tons of postings lately, and that's a little frightening...I have heard from friends with children in the unit that the staffing ratio is 1:4. In my honest opinion, 1:4 is doable, but definitely not enjoyable (nor best for the babies/families). What are your thoughts?

    That being said, I actually did my nursing school NICU rotation at Women's, and I really enjoyed it. Obviously, I wasn't there a ton, but I did like/love it (it's where I found my true nursing calling - NICU). Thank you again. Please feel free to PM me.
  5. by   JRich
    I am originally from Minnesota. The staffing ratio is 1:4 typically in level 2. We keep trying to get them to bring it down to 1:3, but we aren't having any luck. Although there are many times we have 3 baby assignments. The part that sucks is when we have to go to general nursery. We are also worried about who will be floating to the new peds unit that is due to open this fall.