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had a little one, less than a week old and diagnosed with leukemia - anyone ever see this?... Read More

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    Quote from acenab4jc
    had a little one, less than a week old and diagnosed with leukemia - anyone ever see this?
    Yes, in 2002 my son was born on 10/22 and diagnosed with AML M5 on 12/19/02. Doctors at Lucile Packard in Palo Alto, CA said after looking at the cells they determined the age of the cell were 3 months old.

    He survived 19 months after undergoing over 60 surgical procedures, ARDS and over 8 months of aspergelocis (sp) (CNS Fungus) which is what eventually took his life on 8/28/04. We were in the hospital for 9 consecutive months.

    I'm here because I am starting up a nonprofit to help families like mine through this roller coaster ride and just looking for solid medical facts. Like how many children are born with cancer in the US and if possible around the world? How long is the average length of their life if and when they do pass? How about numbers based on age of diagnoses; 0 - 5, 6 - 10, 11 - 19? Is there a specific place or journal of medical facts I can access?

    If anyone sees this, please respond and let me know.

    Thank you!

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    I've seen two...both were Trisomy 21 kids We sent them over to the Children's hospital across town to start treatment.
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    You know, I just learned that Tri 21 kids are prone to leukemia, but theirs is 100% curable - per our oncologist. wonder why? We recently had a Tri 21 baby with transient leukemia. Always something new to learn

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