Becoming a neonatal nurse!

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    Hi! I was wandering if someone could please help me I am currently at uni doing nursing, eventually I want to be a neonatal nurse. But no one can seem to give me a straight answer on how to become a neonatal nurse. Is there a course I need to do after I graduate? I'm in Australia!!

    Thanks for your help!

    Also does anyone know what sort of pay a neonatal nurse gets? Thank you again!

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    Probably best to post this in the Australia forum; I've only seen American, Canadian, and UK nurses post here (any Australian lurkers?). You could also do a search for NICU in that forum as well.

    In the US, you generally have a lengthy orientation (mine was 5 months) since US nurses are generalist and usually only have one rotation doing pediatrics. The pay for NICU is the same for others; some hospitals like mine pay a little bit more since it's ICU.

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