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  1. 0 Hello everyone. Our hospital NICU is currently switching to a new computer system that makes us completely paperless. For years we have been printing face sheets to use during handoff and I was wondering if anyone had any assessment or report sheets premade that we can adjust a bit to fit our needs. We use SBAR format in report its just a lot to write down every time so I am hoping to cut our future handoffs in half and create a sheet the whole floor will find useful and baby friendly. Thanks so much for all your help.
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    Im new to the NICU, but what we used on my Tele Floor was we had a handoff sheet we would write in pencil with, it had all the info on patient Diet, IV location, Assessment (edema, lung sounds ), last BM, Doctors on case, and what is pending, and we would hand that off to the next nurse coming on shift, and they would erase it and update it PRN. It made the report process alot quicker and I like that kind of handoff. Not sure if this will work in NICU, but I dont see why not. Maybe you can come in earlier on your shift and look through the chart and jot down the basics and while your getting report you dont have to write down so much? Hope some of this helps )

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