Anyone apply to the Rush University online CNS program?

  1. Has anyone applied, graduated, or is currently a student at Rush for their online neonatal CNS program? I applied for fall 2012 and am waiting to hear back if I'll have an interview. Just curious if anyone has an experience with the program. Have a great week!
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  3. by   karnicurnc
    Hi, I am also interested in an online NCNS program. There are very few in the US! I looked at Rush's program and it is a DNP instead of an MSN. I found their website to be difficult to navigate. I could not even find an example of a program of study. Do you know how many years it would take to finish if going full-time? Do you know how much it costs per credit hour? SUNY at Stony Brook has a good program too. Good luck and I will be checking back to see if you get any replies!
  4. by   karnicurnc
    I have been looking at East Carolina University too!
  5. by   NavyNICUnurse
    Thanks for the response! I'm fairly disappointed too with how few neonatal CNS programs there are. This is the only one I could find that is online. I'm not sure what the 2012-2013 fees will be but for last year part-time was $708 per credit hour. I'm also not sure how long it will take me because I'm hoping to move to full time after a year. It just depends what's going on in my life with work and family. I will note that I'm not a fan of Nursing CAS to apply for grad schools. I don't get why when they have certified copies of my transcripts you still have to hand enter EVERY credit you've ever taken. It's not like it even makes it easier for them to verifiy your GPAs because someone still hand checks your work. Now I'm just impatiently waiting to hear back from Rush. The deadline was March 1st and the notice for acceptence is May 1st. It's making me think I won't get selected because an interview and supplemental application are required and it's getting late in that window to have time to complete those, so I assume anyone who will be interviewing has already been notified.
  6. by   karnicurnc
    Stony Book's program is also online, but they closed admission already. Their program looks pretty intense but I think you can be finished in 1 year: summer, fall, spring, summer. I am checking with ECU today. If you message me your email address, I can forward some information they sent me a few weeks ago about their CNS program. Their admission deadline is June 1, so there is still plenty of time. Please keep me updated! It looks like we might be the only 2 NCNS students on this forum! :spin:
  7. by   NavyNICUnurse
    Thanks! I'll check ECU out. I can't PM yet because I haven't reached my 15 post minimum. If you apply to Stonybrook would you do a NNP as well as CNS?
  8. by   karnicurnc
    No, but one would take some NNP classes, like advanced patho, pharm and a few more specific to NICU. These would be in the place of the adult classes.
  9. by   NavyNICUnurse
    Update: I got an email today that I've been invited to do the supplemental application! I just submitted it tonight so I'll see if I get a response back for an interview.
  10. by   karnicurnc
    That is wonderful! Fingers crossed for you!!
  11. by   karnicurnc
    I sent you a PM. Let me know if you did not get it.
  12. by   Corazón_D_Melón
    Hello, was wondering if you both finished the NCNS programs? If so how did it go? What school did u choose and what do you recommend? I'm interested yet can't really find many online programs. Pls help