Adult Nurse has NICU interview. Help with preparing presentation please!

  1. Hi all I'm really struggling with a presentation I have to prepare for an interview for a NICU staff nurse I have soon. I am an adult ICU nurse at present but want to transfer to the NICU however I only know the basics to this speciality of nursing. The topic I have to present is a 10 min presentation "discussing an area of neonatal care I am interested in and how I would implement the change on the unit" I have starting trying to research around however I thought getting some advice from people who currently work in such an area would be helpful, thank you in advance
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  3. by   Sun*shine
    Congratulations on your interview. I'm an Adult Nurse who started in neonates last year. Are you a nurse in the UK? Someone on the forums suggested I read The Department of Health Toolkit for High Quality Neonatal Services. It's from 2009 but gave me a good insight into the goals of neonatal units and might give you an idea for your presentation. Part of it is about the family experience. As a neonatal nurse you'll spend a great deal of time giving nursing care to the grown ups as well as the babies, which is great because you're highly experienced in this as an icu nurse. It was a topic I found I could get my teeth into.
  4. by   MistyM
    Thank you for your reply! Yeah I am a nurse in the UK.thanks for the heads up on the documentation, I will most certainly look into that. I was wanting to discuss about family centred care, perhaps the initial fear the parents may have when picking up their child for the first time in such an environment and the education and guidance we as nurses could give them? However I am struggling as I have never been in such an environment before but the document you pointed me to will be of help I am sure! Thank you very much!