A little help with parent teaching

  1. Hi all!

    I am a fairly new nurse working in a level 2 NICU. I don't feel totally comfortable doing parent teaching, and working as a night nurse I don't have a whole lot of opportunity to do it. I have been oriented to our checklist we need to discuss with parents, but I don't learn very well by just listening. I need to see things like this written out, and I'm trying to make myself a cheat sheet I and other new nurses at work can use for this. So if you guys would be so kind as to pick one or two topics I'll list and let me know how you would phrase the teaching for parents. Don't feel like you need to do them all, and thank you so much!

    *Developmental care and adjusted age
    *Need for vaccinations
    *Diaper change - wet diaper frequency
    *Diaper change - stool frequency, consistency, color
    *Signs of dehydration
    *Circumcision care
    *Feeding positions and cues
    *Use of bulb syringe
    *how to respond when baby spits up

    That's all I can remember from our list, but feel free to include anything else you provide teaching about. Thanks again!
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