Wny Lpn Pay?

  1. 0 does anyone know the starting pay or approx. what lpn's start at in wny (buffalo/niagara region)?
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    Hi! My First Lpn Job In Rochester , Ny About An Hour From Buff Was Close To $18.oo An Hour. When I Was Done With School I Found That Long Term Care Was Paying More Then Any Of The Hospitals And The Benefits For An Lpn Was Better. Not As Many Lpn Opportunities In A Hospital. Now You Really Might Want To Consider Your Rn. I Am Working Ped Cases Right Now..vents That Kinda Thing Making $24.30 And Going To School Part Time. This Is Allowing Me To Put Myself Through School. Already Have A Student Loan. If You Get A Student Loan A Lot Tuition Reimbersiment. Get The Buff Paper On Tuesday's They Have The Job Finder That Day. Then You Can See A Lot Of Different Jobs. Good Luck...enjoy The Journey
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    thank you. i really do want to be a rn, but the process of being on a waitlist is giving me second thoughts. i'm 34 so, i don't want to be waiting forever. i was thinking that maybe i should just go into lpn and then go into rn later, but i should just take the plunge into rn. hospitals are really where i want to work, and it sounds like lpn's are not much of a big demand there. so will see.....
    thanks for your input!!

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