Westchester Medical Center

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    Anyone have any infoon how their new nurse orientation is? Or any info at all about the hospital? Thanks
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    Looking for information myself, are they currently hiring?
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    Nope, but starting there in January....I guess we will find out
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    I am starting there in January too thats why I was just curious about the orientation
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    Im confused, you start orientation there next month? So they are no longer hiring?
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    I don't think they are hiring anymore. I know there were 40 spots available and they recently had interviews on certain dates, the last date being the 12th of December I think. I got a call a week later offering me a position, and I start orientation in January. I don't know if there are any more spots are available, I know there were alot of applicants there when I went- but apply on their website it wont hurt. Thats exactly what I did, then I got a response to go in for one of their interview days.
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    I also start orientation in January. This sounds crazy but I was soo excited to start that I didn't ask about salary. Would you guys know the salary for a part time RN? Also do we get full benefits? I didn't know they had that many spots.
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    Congrats Ladies!!!
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    Hi RNRAC,

    I'm unable to PM until I have more posts.
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    Figured I'd jump in on this.. I've also been offered a job there late last week. It is part time and from what I understand the training is full time (for me 1 month orientation 3-4 month preceptorship) and afterwards ill get 37.5 hours every two weeks. It is possible to get a max of 64 hours every two weeks but nothing is guaranteed. I had another offer at great hospital but it was for med surg. I had a rough time turning it down because it was full time, 73k and EXCELLENT benefits. I went with my heart and took WMC because it was a critical care position (my passion as a new grad). As far as WMC... the full time pay is 66.5k for new grads, regardless of the floor.

    I am curious to know what floor all of you were hired on? Hope to meet you all soon =)

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