Westchester Community College (WCC) Fall 2012

  1. Anybody accepted into WCC's nursing program yet? I'd love to here from some people. Also if anyone is already in the program I'd also love to here about your experiences so far.
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  3. by   Band
    I heard people received their letters already. I'm in their program and just finished my first year; it's pretty intense but very worth it. Co-reqs like pharmacology or microbiology while taking nursing, may make it a bit more difficult. I don't know what else to say!

    Good luck
  4. by   toni98
    thanks for the incite. i was accepted in may and i'm super excited!

    i've taken every pre and co-req so far, except for pharmacology[font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif]. i'm currently taking dosage calculations online. hopefully it'll make the work load a little easier.
  5. by   babycheekz420
    I'll be there too! i got into the evening program!
  6. by   NVega
    Hi all! What are the pre required courses for the rn program in Westchester community college?
  7. by   Band
    You can go to the college website, click Academics, Academic Programs, go to link Nursing
    Pre-req: CompLit I + II, A+P I + II, Gen Psych, Intro to Sociology
    Co-req: Nutrition, Dosage, Micro, Pharm, 2 types of Phys ed, a social science
  8. by   bluedawg
    The website prerequisites also say "Students must be certified for 2 years in 8 hours of Health Care Provider CPR prior to beginning the program." I have no CPR would I have to wait two years then to start the nursing program at WCC?
  9. by   Band
    You can take a CPR course that doesn't take more than a week. If you got your acceptance letter months before the first day of class, you should have time to get your BLS - health care provider, this is needed especially becuase you will be working at health care facilities at clinicals