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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the required books? Is the program... Read More

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    I too am stressed and am going to Bristols on Monday but in North Hills. Got so stressed out and forgot to get the answers to Dressler's study guide. If any has them can you post or send me a message so you can texted them to me. Thanks especially if you have them :-)

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    Quote from Krissy414
    How was midterms today ... I'm kinda excited to fet back to class two weeks is along time to be at te bristals
    Math was a no brainier but for me Chemistry was a challenge 100 questions is a lot but it's over. Tomorrow HD and Fundamentals. I hear it's no walk in the park at clinicals because of reports and med memorizations.
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    Bristals is fun although we all had to do a observation report. 10 drug ard which take about half hour each and each have to do a 10 min presentation on a assigned diease . It's a lot of fun . U get to play games and excerise all day. Each student sits in with te doctor which was my favorite. Reading everyone's charts is interesting especially the ones who make up these crazy stories in reflections ( the dementia area)
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    Yeah I was scared to going into clinical because I wasn't sure what to expect but while we are at bristal all you do is observe patients for 2 weeks. No pulse no blood pressure. Just observing. The doctor is great and I loved watching him he was very willing to talk and explain to students which was comforting. The staff is ok... They seem like they don't care about what's going on. Exercising was fun. It's a really fun experience and this is he easiest it gets so enjoy the next two weeks lol. How were midterms and the tests the first week???? Really nervous!!!!
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    Thanks for the heads up about clinicalsally excited to start this week! Midterms they my seem overwhelming, but it wasn't too bad! Out of 4 midterms only 1 midterm was CRAZY.......Human Development!!! Good Luck !!
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    How did everyone do on the midterms
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    hi eveyone i am currently in section 1 and we are now studying for midterms super nervous!!!
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    I just got the letter from veeb today and my grade range from an 88 on the HD to 95 on SF. Which pretty much lines up With my course average thus far. How did everyone else do?

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