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Hi All I'll be starting at VEEB in the Fall and was wondering if there are any current or past VEEB students that can give some info on this program. What are the Teachers like? What are the... Read More

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    Thank u guys I also have another question. Did any of u get denied for a loan at veeb? I sent them my fafsa and waiting to hear if they can give me a loan. He said if my parents make to much then I can't get one. Did anyone have this problem and if so where r u trying to get a loan. Thank u

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    I called VEEB and I was told that they started sending out acceptance letters! I'm praying we get our letters this week!!!!!!!
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    Quote from akanini
    That's right. Snya told me in 2007 they want people in the med field. The reason is because they don't people who aren't in the med field to start and quit because they don't like it.
    Where u living in Brooklyn when u participated in snya?
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    Quote from mynuit
    Where u living in Brooklyn when u participated in snya?
    Sorry I meant were.
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    That's weird I called today also and they said no.
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    Quote from Lysag123
    That's weird I called today also and they said no.
    Are u serious! That makes me mad. I know sometimes when I call there is a woman with a stern voice, and then there is a lady that's very nice when u call. And I spoke to the nice woman today, and she said that they did start! I guess we just have to wait and see!
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    I think she thought u meant the tests cause when I called she was like " yes we mailed them out... Wait r u talking about the tests or the acceptance?" n I told her I sent my references and she said no not yet.... I hope she was just a ***** and was dating no to be mean but idk. Hopefully ur right cause I want my ******* letter haha
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    I was living in Brooklyn when snya paid my tuition.
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    Quote from mynuit
    Hi guys, I have been following Ur conversation since the beginning of march. I took the exam for veeb on the 28th of march & passed. Now I am working on my reference letters, good luck everyone( ;
    Good luck to you
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    Quote from mynuit
    Sorry I meant were.
    mynuit, Apparently SNYA ISN'T accepting NYC applicants this year. Now I understand why you asked me this question. When I was in VEEB, LI residents didnt qualify. This year NYC is OUT! Sorry to hear.

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