Stony Brook students, what were your stats?

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    Just wondering what the current crop of Stony Brook students stats are.

    I'm going to apply for next fall (regular 2 year program), but I'm not expecting much. My overall GPA isn't a 4.0 -- it's a little above a 3.0, but not by much (I have a previous degree). According to the application, my pre-req's are:

    English Comp: A
    Sociology: B
    Psychology: B
    Developmental Psych: A
    Arts & Humanities 1: A
    Arts & Humanities 2: A
    Arts & Humanities 3: A
    Statistics: B
    Social Psych: Need to take
    Microbiology: Need to take
    Anatomy & Physiology 1: A-
    Anatomy & Physiology 2: Currently taking, but on track for an A (100 lab grade and 98 exam grade at midterm)
    Chemistry 1: A
    Chemistry 2: A-
    Elective 1: A
    Elective 2: A
    Elective 3: A
    Elective 4: A
    Elective 5: A
    Elective 6: A

    If I can get an A in microbiology and social psych, the pre-req GPA will be a 3.8. I'm not worried about an A in those courses -- I received an A- in A&P 1 because I couldn't afford the book so I relied on the internet and class notes to get through (stupid, because I purchased the book for A&P 2 and it made a huge difference!). I'm just trying to determine how I rank against those who were accepted so I can cross my fingers as being a legitimate contender or just send in the application and not think much of it.

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