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Where are we on this site I don't see any representation from us on here. I am wishing all of us the best in all of our upcoming first semesters of nursing school. We are also moving to a brand new... Read More

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    I am new to the board. I went to the informational session on 1/25/13, took the 12 minute test..passed it. Can anyone tell me what to expect from the 4 hour HESI test? I purchased the book at SPSON bursar's office... What type of math was it mostly comprised of? adding, subtracting, multiplication?

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    Hey guys!!!! I hope someone will see this and answer I was wondering how rough the summer courses are. I was thinking of taking nutrition over the summer. Also, I am confused about 2nd semester because it says Med-Surg/pediatrics 8 credits. How do they break that down? Is it twice a week? Class back to back? How is that class broken down? Do you start out in a Peds clinical or start out in one hospital and then transfer to another when peds starts? Help!!! I just recently got a part time job and I am trying to figure out my hours. Thanks!
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    Summer classes tend to be okay.I took Micro last summer and it was okay.Because you really just focus on one class.Nutrition should be easy. Peds is one class.I was in night session so we were there like from 430-1030.It was grueling.I had clinical back to back days about 6-7 hrs per day depending on how the day went. Or you can opt for one day 12 hr shift. Peds usually done only at Lincoln hospital in the Bronx as far as I know and you have to go there unless they change it. You go for like 3-4 sessions.The rest you go where ever you signed up for in relation to med-surg.All the best.
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    Hey Nike... You said you were there from 4:30-10:30 for med surg and peds... How many days a week just for those two classes? Do you remember if the 12 hour shifts were also an option for the med surg portion? The good thing about a 12 hour shift is you get a real sense of the nurse's shift.
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    Hey.Everything is one class they just alternate everyweek or go with 2-3 week stretch discussing peds then med-surg material. I never took a 12 hour shift but yes they are an option, but i guess it is up to you how it feels.Try to find out which Instructor is teaching the class.It make a bit of a difference.Study for the Peds/HESI from the start,you can really use those 7-10 points.
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    Hi, I am attending St Paul's fall13 and I would like some info about how NUR 101 day program exams are like?
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    Hey I'm a Spson a Lpn to rn program?
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    are you in the St. Paul's School? How is it going for you?
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    I wanted to know what classes do they accept before I apply to the program

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