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Where are we on this site I don't see any representation from us on here. I am wishing all of us the best in all of our upcoming first semesters of nursing school. We are also moving to a brand new... Read More

  1. by   mjaybx
    Hey I just graduated my lpn program and looking for an rn. How is st Paul's ? Tuition and entrance ?? I heard 40 k ?
  2. by   Southern_87
    St Paul's is 40 k but you can transfer other classes in it is lowered and they are moving to a new location. I am not exactly sure how the professors are yet because this is my first semester coming up August 30th.
  3. by   Southern_87
    Entrance you must take an IQ test and score a minimal 16 and then the Hesi A2.
  4. by   Victory7
    He is truly worthy to be praise. Jesus will see us through this program. All we have to do is pray and study hard and he will do the rest Southern_87. We truly have to put our 100% effort into this nothing good comes easy.
  5. by   Southern_87
    That is very true @victory7
  6. by   Victory7
    Mjaybx you posted that you graduated from a LPN program once become a licensed practical nurse you can challenge NUR 101 and Nur 103. Also if your are really interested in this school contact the school as soon as you can. Like Southern_87 posted you are required to take two exams. You can do it.
  7. by   mjaybx
    Thanks Victory , Is NUR103 dosage calculations? I took 2 classes in the summer while waiting to take my NCLEX-PN Psychology and Pharmacology .
  8. by   Victory7
    Mjabx when you contact the school you will be scheduled to attend a information session about the RN program. That same day you will take the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Entrance Test Evaluation. You will be given 50 multiple choice or fill-in questions. You must score minimum of 16 in order to pass and I believe you will have 15 min. to answer these questions. Don't panic It is basic math and reading. Once you obtain the required passing score then you will be given an application package. You will be asked to schedule to take the HESI exam. A score of 75 or higher on (1) English Language Composite Score comprised of reading, grammer, vocabulary, and (2) math. The Wonderlic and the HESI are all computerized and result are given as soon as you complete the exam. The school also have a book that is very helpful it gives you an idea what to expect on the HESI exam it cost $30.00 I bought and it was very helpful.
  9. by   Victory7
    Yes, NUR 103 dosage calculation it is called Math for Meds. If you are planning to enter the Spring 2013 you can continue to take more courses while you are working on the admission process. Your first semester you will be required to take A&P I and since you took psych that will be a plus for you. If all goes well instead of taking six courses in the first semester you'll just take NUR 100 Foundations Of Nursing Concepts and NUR 102 Therapeutic Communication. The testing fee for NUR 101 $275.00 and for NUR 103 the fee is $70.00. The passing score is 78%. This info that I am sharing with you is in the catalog. It is very informative. The college will only accept transfer credits with a C+ or better. It's worth the try.
  10. by   mjaybx
    Thank you so much for the information , I will call them tomorrow and see for spring 2013. Im already signed up for Rocklands LPN to RN express and signed up for A&PI , Chem 105, ENG 101, Pluralism and Diversity, Life Span development, NUR 103, and a Yoga class lol. The distance is what is making me consider St Pauls since Rockland is so far and St paul is 20 minutes away from me.
  11. by   Victory7
    If you are planning to go on to earn a B.S. in nursing then chemistry will be needed. At St. Paul's School of Nursing chemistry is not needed. The sciences you will need are A&P I, A&P II, and Micro which will be included along with all the classes required. This program is full-time Mon.- Fri. for two years. Taking the Liberal Arts and Sciences will help with the semester course load. You are a lpn so you are half way there. You can post any questions or comment regard the school. I plan on attending my first semester in Spring 2013. Good Luck!!!
  12. by   Primadon22
    I am hoping to start SPSON in the fall. I was accepted (received my letter July 24) but put on the September waiting list ( I passed the Hesi on July 16). I already gave my deposit, and completed everything in the packet. Now, all I can do is just wait to see if I get a spot!! I am so anxious and excited, I want to start already!!
  13. by   Victory7
    I understand how you feel it's nerve wrecking waiting. I could not wait for that phone call from my admission rep. I decided to start in Spring 2013. I hope you get in for the Fall.