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Where are we on this site I don't see any representation from us on here. I am wishing all of us the best in all of our upcoming first semesters of nursing school. We are also moving to a brand new location in Rego Park I am... Read More

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    Congrats nittany5018 classmate!!!

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    I am proud to post that on Wed. August 1st I received a phone call from my admission representative that I was accepted into SPSON. I am so happy. I decided to start in Spring 2013 instead of Fall 2012. Although I am excited and eager to start I had to make the right decision for myself. I signed the enrollment agreement form paid my tuition deposit and it's a rap. My start date is on January 4, 2013. A new year, new school and a new beginning. Getting into a RN program means so much to me. It's true what they say when one door closes another door opens. I am on my way to becoming a registered nurse. I'M GOING TO MAKE IT!!! Best wishes to you Southern_87 and to all students at SPSON!!! Thank you JESUS I could not have done it without your help.
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    Yay I am so happy for you @victory7. Yes we are all on our way to becoming Registered Nurses this has been a life long dream of mines. I am so glad that we both got accepted best of luck to you as well. Thank you Jesus he is worthy to be praised.
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    Hey I just graduated my lpn program and looking for an rn. How is st Paul's ? Tuition and entrance ?? I heard 40 k ?
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    St Paul's is 40 k but you can transfer other classes in it is lowered and they are moving to a new location. I am not exactly sure how the professors are yet because this is my first semester coming up August 30th.
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    Entrance you must take an IQ test and score a minimal 16 and then the Hesi A2.
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    He is truly worthy to be praise. Jesus will see us through this program. All we have to do is pray and study hard and he will do the rest Southern_87. We truly have to put our 100% effort into this nothing good comes easy.
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    That is very true @victory7
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    Mjaybx you posted that you graduated from a LPN program once become a licensed practical nurse you can challenge NUR 101 and Nur 103. Also if your are really interested in this school contact the school as soon as you can. Like Southern_87 posted you are required to take two exams. You can do it.
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    Thanks Victory , Is NUR103 dosage calculations? I took 2 classes in the summer while waiting to take my NCLEX-PN Psychology and Pharmacology .

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