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Hi, I am applying to Saint Paul's School of Nursing for the Spring Semester that begins Jan 3, 2012. Anyone else?? :yeah:... Read More

  1. by   shanie818
    What time is on the spot admissions?
  2. by   Ashley627
    Same here....its 11-4 but you have to rsvp, the email is in the link :spin:

    LIU Brooklyn Admissions Event - Transfer - Long Island University
  3. by   shanie818
    Thank You
  4. by   Southern_87
    Yay I got accepted now I have to drop veeb Lpn program and head to St. Paul's and pay my deposit c/2014 here we go!!! Best of luck to all of us in our future.
  5. by   Ashley627
    Congrats! I'm still waiting....
  6. by   Southern_87
    @Ashley627 thank you
  7. by   megmag712
    @Southern87 did they call you or did they send you something in the mail?.. I passed the HESI about a week after you.. Just curious how they would get in touch with me.. Congrats to you on your acceptance!!
  8. by   Southern_87
    @megmag712 the admissions representative called me last thursday and told me but she said there will be an acceptance letter as well I still haven't received the letter yet and thank you
  9. by   Ashley627
    I got in! woohoo
  10. by   Southern_87
  11. by   shanie818
  12. by   Ashley627
    thanks guys!
  13. by   shanie818
    @Ashley your private message box is full