St Paul's School of Nursing Jan/Spring 2012? - page 4

Hi, I am applying to Saint Paul's School of Nursing for the Spring Semester that begins Jan 3, 2012. Anyone else?? :yeah:... Read More

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    Me too I am beyond just praying I pass so I can begin this journey to becoming a nurse
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    Yes I am hoping for the same thing for all of us.
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    Did you pass today? I hope so.

    I did I was so nervous, now I am excited and relieved

    Now I have to wait to see if I get in finger crossed
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    Yes I passed now praying to get in!!!
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    yes, praying. good luck
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    Did anyone hear anything about fall 2012 yet?? do you know if you have to give in your physical form before you get an admissions decision?
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    The rep I spoke with said once your accepted you should take it to your doctor asap
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    It is weird because I passed the hesi got my physical form, quest diagnostics drug screening form, and back ground check form all this is due before the 6/14 and then my file goes to the admissions committee for final acceptance this is how the process goes right?
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    I received all the forms after the test as well but he told me once they receive the the background result and drug test results it goes to the committee and once you know if your accepted have the medical filled out before school starts. I have done everything including filling out the finacial aid paperwork and fafsa and tap
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    Ok thanks for clarifying shanie
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    Good Luck
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    Thanks for the info! still haven't heard anything yet where else did you guys apply? LIU Brooklyn is having an "on the spot" admissions day for transfer students 6/16, I'll be checking that out if I don't get in here
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    I put all my eggs in one basket this go around but if I don't get in I will definitely join you at LIU on 6/16 I might go check it out even if I get in I have heard great things about there program.

    Haven't heard anything yet either:uhoh21:

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