St Pauls School of Nursing 2010 Acceptance

  1. Hey, has anyone else received an acceptance letter for the spring 2010 semester?
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  3. by   l0serxjenn
    I did! yay! Let me know if you were accepted as well.
  4. by   AP726
    Me tooo !! are you excitedd!!?
  5. by   l0serxjenn
    I don't think it has hit me yet. Haha. I'm sure I'll feel excited once I have to go into orientation. I didn't pay the deposit yet. -.- Do you know of anyone else who got accepted? I think you took the test the same day as I did.

    Are you ready for nursing school? =P
  6. by   AP726
    I dont know if im ready but im excited, I havent paid the deposit yet either. I wish the classes werent until 1030 but ill take what i can get lol. I dont know of anyone else who got accepted lol.. i took the test on the 4th.. and had my interview with ms wolinksi. My friend is in the day program and she lovvvesss it.
  7. by   l0serxjenn
    I don't get it. I was under the assumption that we'd graduate with an LPN (since it's an associate degree), but I think we come out as RN's, right? Please correct me if I have my facts mistaken. Did you take A&P1, A&P2, mircro..etc? Yea, I'm not too fond of classes ending at 1030pm. Its not a good neighborhood at night, from what I know of. =(
  8. by   AP726
    Yes its an RN license. Ive taken a&p 1/2 but havent taken micro... Have you taken them? The neighborhood didnt really look that bad and the parking lot is right outside the building so i dont think we will have any problems lol
  9. by   l0serxjenn
    haha. I won't be driving. So its public transportation for me. =T They didn't accept my Microbio b/c it wasn't 4 credits, so I' have to take it over again. Which I don't think is fair, but I'll deal with it- since they accepted me. heh. Oh yea, I did take the test on the 4th as well.

    Once again congrats!! I am starting to feel even more excited now. Maybe it is because I am talking to someone else who is accepted into the same program. It makes it more real. haha
  10. by   AP726
    I know me too congratulations as well!! I really wanna start clinicals lol id rather be hands on learning than in a classroom. Only another 4 months til we start!!! hahah
  11. by   l0serxjenn
    They told me during the interview that there is a chance that they may move to the LI location again. I hope they don't! That an even LONGER commute and later time that we'd be getting home. I just can't wait until we start.
  12. by   AP726
    UGH i heard that too she said that at least for this whole year there at whitestone expressway hopefully they dont go to far, right now im commuting from rockaway beach in queens so long island will be a real pain.
  13. by   l0serxjenn
    oh wow! thats a long commute. Well I spoke to one of the offices that is in the same building as SPSON. They said that it was rumored in the building that SPSON signed a 15year contract, which is why they got most of the parking spaces in the parking lot. So let's just hope that it remains at this location for the next 2 years. =)
  14. by   l0serxjenn
    i paid the deposit on friday. and they told me i was the second student for 2010. They didn't say who the other person was, she just gave me a last name. So far, we can expect one guy in our class. lol They also said that they will start sending out the information packet by late october - early novemeber.