Should i dare try A&P2 in the summer at NCC? - page 2

I am contemplating taking AP2 at Nassau Community over the summer. I just realized it is only a 4 week class and I am afraid. I am taking AP1 now, and have a super hard professor - 24 students to start , 6 left , 2 of which... Read More

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    If your focused id say go for it. I took both A+P and Med. micro last summer (1 and 2). It was saturated but if you are, like i said focused it should be fun! lol not really but it's do-able.

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    I took A&P2 over the summer at NCC; lots of work, I got an "A", but it wasn't an easy one. I'd definitely do it again. I did have a good professor, though.
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    Same here. I had great professors for both classes.

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