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    hey y'all. I am tired and ready for a break. what to do what to do?? Shopping!!! Someone told me NYC has great shopping at an affordable price so am booking a ticket tonight. my question is,, where in NYC do I need to go for good deals? I plan on coming back home with bags full of purchases. I figure its gotta be cheaper than seeking professional therapy
    And ya I know its not exactly a nursing question, but it is coz when I come back after my week off, I will be better grounded. I hope

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    Hi! I recommend SOHO. If you take the A C or E train downtown and get off at Broadway/Lafayette street, you won't be disappointed. This area is very trendy and has a ton of affordable shops. Also, there are a bunch of street fairs going on that you're bound to run into at least one of them. I brought two of my gf's from college there yesterday and we had a blast. btw, The Body Shop is having HUGE deals!! Enjoy!!!

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