second degree nursing hopeful needs help!!!!

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    I am a 2008 college graduate with a major in biology and a 3.6 gpa. I have two years experience in health care and in research. I'm enrolled at City College to start finishing my nursing pre-requisites this fall and I am applying for transfer to CUNY Lehman in the spring to finish my pre-requisites there and to apply to the Lehman BSN program. However, the more I read about the CUNY nursing programs and the wait, the more I feel compelled to bite the bullet and take out loans for private programs that I'll more readily get into. I am 25 and currently waiting tables full-time. Needless to say I'm getting very anxious about starting a nursing program. Does anyone know what the best pathway for me would be? should I stay on track with Lehman? What private programs aside from NYU should I apply to?

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    would love to see the reply...i have the saME PROBLEM AND I THINK I WILL GO TO PRIVte school ...

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