SCCC Evening Grant Spring 2012

  1. Hello everyone! Has anyone received letters concerning the Day or Evening program at Grant starting in SPring of 2012? I applied but haven't heard anything as of yet!
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  3. by   tranzfikst
    Didn't hear anything yet. I think the decision should be made in a month or so. They wait is a killer as always. Good luck!
  4. by   FireMedic127
    Tranz thanks for your reply I was getting anxious since spring registration is coming up pretty soon. If you hear anything please post. Good luck to you as well!
  5. by   tranzfikst
    Sure, will do, but i think we have to wait for at least another month. I believe last year students got results in the end of November, beginning of December. It is a long wait....!
  6. by   FireMedic127
    Just an update letters definitely are going out. Some students have already received denial letters and one girl got accepted into the LPN accelerated program. If anyone hears anything please share and good luck!! I for one have not heard anything as of yet.
  7. by   bratalano
    Hello -
    Just got my acceptance letter today. I am so excited! Happy Halloween!
  8. by   FireMedic127
    Just checked my mail and got into the evening program as well!! I look forward to meeting you. My only concern is that the orientation conflicts with my last Lifespan Development (PSY 210) class before the final! Either way it is amazingly exciting. Congrats to you and all of us!!
  9. by   bratalano
    Congrats to you! That is a tough one with the conflicting times, but I'm sure if you explain to your Psych professor he/she will be accommodating. I'm taking PSY210 also this semester, but it is online with 5 Saturday meetings. Again, congratulations, I'm sure you are thrilled that all your hard work has finally paid off, as am I...
  10. by   tranzfikst
    Got in as well, waiting from Nassau Community College now