sccc 2012 nursing program hopefuls

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    Hello . I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for the fall 2012 start suffolkc.c.c. nursing program. I have applied for the Ammerman day program. I was hoping to find some company on my journey to acceptance day(hopefully).

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    I applied as well!!! Nervously waiting for a decision!!!! I applied to the Ammerman day and the Grant day program as well! When do you think we will hear??
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    I got in for the 2011 program, but had to put it off until this year... so now I'm waiting to hear, hoping I got in again. I didn't get my acceptance letter until the end of April last time
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    So glad I'm not alone!!! If you don't mind would you share your grades?
    Mine are Eng101 A
    Psy101 A
    Ap 1 A
    Ap 2 A
    I took Micro last semester And now I am just taking Dev psych. So I only have to take the nursing classes.
    Someone from my micro class told me that the asst. dean of admissions told her they had 1200 applicants. Could that be?
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    Eng101 A
    AP 1 B+
    AP 2 A
    Micro A
    Psych B+

    Do you know if they calculate the microbiology into your gpa??
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    Eng101 B
    AP 1 A
    AP 2 A
    Psych A
    Micro B+

    they do not calculate the micro grade into your gpa.. just the ap1, ap2, psyc101 and eng 101.. the micro just gives you a leg up if someone has the same gpa as you (in the 4 classes)
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    @miss jenn I know someone who had to give up their seat and were accepted again the following year. I have no doubt that will be the case for you. We all have the grades to get in,but I've been hearing that they ave soo many applicants this year. I am definately nervous!
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    Hey everybody!

    Before I got my hopes up I wanted to check if any of you are in the same situation. I logged onto the mysccc and in the admissions section it says there is a processed app for Fall 2012 where it states my current program is AAS Nursing at Ammerman Day. It does say application preference: not entered... Does this mean I'm accepted or maybe they are beginning to review applications? I'm not sure they could go through 1200 applicants in a month. Anyone else in my scenario?
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    I am not sure what the application preference means in this scenario, but mine is not entered either.
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    Where on the website do you guys see that??

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