Saint Pauls school of nursing Spring 2013 - page 13

Has anyone received their acceptance letter for Spring 2013? I heard letters started going out last week...... Read More

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    I actually took that class a few years ago. They were able to transfer it in for me.. When were you just accepted? I thought if you were an LPN you were able to take the test... If someone is just being accepted this past couple of weeks they didn't get the chance at all to take the test?

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    Good luck! You will do great and let me know if the uniforms are available
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    Is the orientation as long as they say it is or do we get out earlier than that? Thanks!
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    i have no idea i guess i'll find out tomorrow at orientation
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    Farari.. How was the orientation?
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    Meggg-they transferred the class in for you without making you take a challenge exam? I had to do a lot of begging so they agreed I can take the exam, but I have to shell out $70 which is so unfair.
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    It was good very imformative lots of information all at once during the end it just became overwhelming and too long I just wanted to leave already but ask questions you want answers too they spoke about clinicals and everything
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    Can some of the day students at the Queens location post their schedule. I want to see the different days and times they are offering classes. Thanks!
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    Does anyone know when we're supposed to take pictures for our ID? I thought we were supposed to have them for the first day of school but we weren't told when to take a picture.
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    @Briana810, I go on Monday (same day that I pick up my books and uniforms) so maybe you should call and find out. Did you pick up your books yet?

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