Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing Applicants 2012

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    Any PBISON 2012 applicants out there? I applied and am anxiously waiting to hear something!
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    Same here! I called last week and they said many applications are still in review. Fingers crossed!!!
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    Do they usually call or email for an interview?
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    The woman I spoke with said they usually e-mail the interview date and time. I'm still waiting.....very anxious!
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    I am too. I really hope i get an email for an interview. How did you do on the NLN?
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    Not so great - I got a composite score of 126 and I read a lot of people have at least 140.
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    Thats not as bad as mine. I got 119. I just really hope they like my essay and recommendation letters.
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    how are you grades?
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    I had a 3.4 gpa in highschool and a not so good in college. I don't think any of the classes I took in college will transfer over though because they are completely unrelated. I'm relying on my letters and essays more than anything.
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    me too. I really hope i have a chance. I heard that 800 people applied and only 130 are going to be accepted.