Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing Applicants 2012

  1. Any PBISON 2012 applicants out there? I applied and am anxiously waiting to hear something!
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  3. by   Orthosec
    Same here! I called last week and they said many applications are still in review. Fingers crossed!!!
  4. by   rnjt86
    Do they usually call or email for an interview?
  5. by   Orthosec
    The woman I spoke with said they usually e-mail the interview date and time. I'm still waiting.....very anxious!
  6. by   rnjt86
    I am too. I really hope i get an email for an interview. How did you do on the NLN?
  7. by   Orthosec
    Not so great - I got a composite score of 126 and I read a lot of people have at least 140.
  8. by   rnjt86
    Thats not as bad as mine. I got 119. I just really hope they like my essay and recommendation letters.
  9. by   rnjt86
    how are you grades?
  10. by   Orthosec
    I had a 3.4 gpa in highschool and a not so good in college. I don't think any of the classes I took in college will transfer over though because they are completely unrelated. I'm relying on my letters and essays more than anything.
  11. by   rnjt86
    me too. I really hope i have a chance. I heard that 800 people applied and only 130 are going to be accepted.
  12. by   rnjt86
    hopefully we are one of them. did you apply to other schools or just beth isarel
  13. by   Orthosec
    I'll keep my fingers crossed and let me know if you hear anything!
  14. by   rnjt86
    Same here. Let me know if you hear something too