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NYU traditional transfer 2013

  1. 0 HI! I haven't been able to find any threads for applicants to the traditional transfer program at NYU for the fall 2013 semester, I've only seen them for the accelerated program. I'm really anxious waiting for the decision and heard that it can come as late as the first week of may! Has any one else applied to the transfer program for fall 2013? or go to NYU nursing now? Good luck to all!
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    Hi there! I also have no found any threads on the traditional BSN program. I applied for fall 2013 also! I literally got everything in last minute. I live in Chicago, and applied to a few programs here, NYU was kind of last minute back up. Do to know what specifically they look for in your application?
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    I think they're looking for health related work, great essay and awesome recommendation. Since they don't have official prerequisites they're probably emphasizing everything else.
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    How quickly were your documents check marked on Albert after sending them in? Mine are still not showing up. It's been about a month..I hope they didn't lose anything!
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    took a while! about a month so don't worry. On the site you can find the advisor for your state; I emailed mine when my items were unchecked and she reassured me that all were there just not checked off also she told me that beginning the last week of april decisions are sent out once a week!
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    Have you heard any news yet?
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    Nothing, it's killing me lol hopefully by the end of this week tho
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    I'm still waiting too

    I applied towards the end of march -sigh

    Do any of you see the financial change in albert?
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    Nope no financial change.
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    Hopefully that's been fixed and is now a myth then. If you don't mind me asking, what stats did you guys apply with?

    Also, is it true that acceptance notfications only go out tuesdays and thursdays?
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    Has anyone heard back yet? I know the accelerated program found out a couple weeks ago
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    Were you guys asked to send in high school transcripts?
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    Yeah I had to send mine in even tho I graduated 5 years ago