NYU BSN Spring2012

  1. i'm a transfer student planning on applying to NYU's traditional BSN program for spring 2013. Applications don't open until late august so before i apply i wanted to get people's feedback on the program
    also, i want to know if my stats are good enough to get in considering its a top school
    my GPA is currently a 3.3, i have all the pre-req's complete, and i have a lot of hospital experience via volunteering and even some international experience. Since my GPA isnt really outstanding i'm not sure if my chances are high enough.
    what are the pro's and con's for the school? i know the biggest drawback is the price however im not concerned about that at the moment i'll start worrying about that once i get accepted lol
    thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Ds3877
    Are you applying for the undergrad nursing school? I'm applying as a transfer 2013 to there as well. Let me know