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Hi everyone, There was no forum for NYU BSN applicants, so I thought I'd start one. Hello, is there anybody out there? :wavey:... Read More

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    I am also in the accelerated program at NYU. Please, Please, Please reconsider going to this pitiful excuse of a nursing school! I am also doing well, but let me tell you, it's because I have taught myself EVERYTHING! I don't expect to be spoon-fed material, I have 2 Bachelor's of Science degrees from another University, I know what to expect from college.
    Each semester is 12 weeks long, they could easily consolidate the material in to 3 semesters, but of course they don't.....they want that extra semester of tuition! The semester starts about 3 weeks after the regular students and ends a week before. Again, this is done to stretch it out. Oh, and the ridiculous classes that they put in for 'filler', one is called 'Professional Nursing' I'm still not sure what this class was about.....the so called Professor came the first day and spent 20 minutes telling us about how wonderful and talented she is, subsequent classes were devoted to stories about hospital administrations from 25+ years ago. Currently, we are required to take a class called 'Foundations of Genetics' class is at 6:30 at night, the Professor reads VERBATIM from a power point for 3 hours. Many of the students have early morning clinical on Fridays, some of the clinical sites are hours away for students and you have to be there at 7:15am. I know I'm venting, I'm just terribly disappointed, this school is NOT organized, they don't care a bit about what kind of education you are getting, they care about getting as much money from you as possible. They even charge you $100+ for orientation. Most reputable nursing programs have a 75/25 model when it comes to clinical experience. At NYU it's 50/50 you are at 'simulation' instead of the hospital every other week. These so called 'simulations' are a JOKE! The equipment is broken, the instructors, while knowledgeable are mostly new and you are basically 'play acting' with these silly broken mannequins. As the poster above me stated, they take your money and that's about the last contact you will have with anyone. I have written an email to one of my instructors 7 times and NO response!!
    Please feel free to ask me as many questions as you have! The facebook pages have NYU administrators and they will remove any posts that are negative so don't rely on those for help. Best of luck!
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    Manhattanbread, how are you?
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    I graduated from NYU College of Nursing and completed their accelerated BSN program. My advice is that if you get into another school, definitely go there. DO NOT attend NYU. All they want is your money! the program is unorganized, we barely go to the hospital and mostly our experience is on campus in the simulation lab which totally sucks. NYU just wants your money...they dont care about you! I know a ton of people who graduated with me hated the program and there are more that I know are in the program currently and they are not happy at all! If you are desperate and you dont have an admission anywhere else except for NYU, then yes go there so you can get your nursing degree so at least you can take the NCLEX. But if you have other options, dont even look at NYU. Plus they dont give you much of financial aid. I read other posts where there are people who also are at NYU suggesting not to go, I absolutely agree with them. Contact me if you have any questions..best of luck!
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    These post scare me as NYU is the only school I have currently applied to. Just wondering if any Spring 2013 Students are feeling the same as the above posters. Is there anyone who feels differently? Anyone feel like they are receiving/ have received a quality education?
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    Hi. Im applying for the Fall 2013 semester, was wondering what your stats looked like.
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    Hi! Im applying to the BSN program for Fall 2014.. just wanted to know if anyone had any opinions on the BSN program? I definetly realize the expenses of it all, and its something ive definetly took into consideration. TO anyone who has already been accepted to the BSN program, do you think I have a shot? I definetly have a low gpa 2.7, as of right now, but I am taking classes in the spring to boost my gpa. I have a lot of volunteer experience, volunteer at my colleges student Health Center for a year, volunteer in a special needs classroom in my church for 2 years. Special Olympics volunteer, lots of mission trips. So basically I have a lot of volunteer experience and a low gpa lol. I have a lot of my sciences don't already like Microbiolgy, Anatomy, Chemistry, Physiology etc. And haven't gotten anything under a C. I really really want to go to NYU, and will be so disappointed if I don't get in lol. Any feedback would be so appreciated! Thank you guys!

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