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Hi everyone, There was no forum for NYU BSN applicants, so I thought I'd start one. Hello, is there anybody out there? :wavey:... Read More

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    Thank you, ktgo80, for your advice! I am still a bit nervous looking for an apartment, but the information you offered is super helpful.

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    I hope you find something great! And that you don't die of sticker shock like I did haha. My dad basically just finally told me- that's how it is in NY- get over it: and after that I had to just quit fretting over the fact that apartments, rents, rental processes are so different there and dealt with it. Do you know what areas you are looking at living near? Are you doing the accelerated program or regular program? When I was there last weekend I went to check out the nursing building and met a guy who just graduated. He said that actually the program was easier than he expected, he had time to do externships, and he already found a job. That eased my mind a bit.
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    Thanks for the encouragement!

    It's nice to know that ABSN grads from NYU are able to find a nursing job despite a saturation in the nursing field. I talked to a nurse recruiter from a major hospital in California and he said that externships matter a lot when you are searching for your first nursing job. That's encouraging that the grad you talked to was able to line up some externships during the program.

    I'd really like to live within 20 minutes from campus so Manhattan would be ideal. I do not mind living elsewhere as long as the commute isn't that bad. I will begin the ABSN program this fall. Are you an accelerated student too?
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    Yes, I am an accelerated student too. I think alot of the other people that were posting on here drifted over to the Facebook page- but since I am the last person on earth without Facebook- I only have been talking to people on here. Two people from off campus housing told me to check out Williamsburg in Brooklyn, but I was able to find an apartment in Jersey City before we made it over there to look. They have the subway there, and it took me 6 minutes to get to Manhattan and just another ten to get to the nursing building- so that was fine by me! Do you happen to know if registration starts Monday- or if it is another day next week? (the email wasn't too clear). The guy I talked with at NYU said that it's very important to select your clinical preference asap when registration opens up- because all the good sites get chosen fast. Ugh- I hope I can log on fast enough so I don't get stuck somewhere far.
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    Congrats to those admitted NYU Fall 2012 program! Can any past graduates or alumni share some experiences and advice on whether to attend NYU. While I would enjoy the opportunity to go, the expensive tuition is making me think about starting school a few months later at an affordable public school.
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    I'm a current student at NYU, in their accelerated nursing program.

    If someone had told me the truth about what my experience was going to be like there--I would never have gone.

    I would HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend NOT GOING.

    Yes I am doing very well. However the quality of the program is low. New York University does not care about you. They will happily take your check for $88,000 for 48 weeks of school and then make you beg them for everything, even things like...instructors that come to clinicals and professors that respond to emails.

    Don't be fooled by their promises of scholarships and financial aid. Federal loans are NOT financial aid through NYU, that is a LOAN from the GOVERNMENT that you pay back (plus interest) that they proxy, that is all. Their ACTUAL financial aid (i.e, money they're giving you) is pitiful. They refer you to their website stating the average financial aid package is like 37k/year (74 for the program) but that is NOT reality.

    Save yourselves a lot of headache (and a lot of money) and avoid NYU.
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    New York is wonderful and you should come. You will figure out the expenses, the city is worth it. NYU is NOT worth it. If you are deciding between different schools I would recommend not going to NYU. I'm a current student and my experience has been horrendous.
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    Get used to it, that's how NYU is. You get bills and they take your money but they sure don't want to talk to you.
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    I'm a current student. Avoid NYU. Avoid avoid avoid. Run!
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    Clinicals are a disaster. They have a system from the 80s. Everyone I know has had to travel 4hrs+ at least once for their clinicals. They sent some people to LONG ISLAND (2.5hrs each way). The clinical spots fill up instantly and you compete against the traditional students who have preference since they have more credits earned at NYU. If you can get your tuition money back, do it. I wish someone would have told me how absolutely awful the experience would be.
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