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NYU accelerated nursing program Spring 2012

  1. 0 Before I send out my application for NYU accelerated program what do you think my chances of getting in? I really slacked off in undergrad for my preq.
    A&P I & II-C

    If I get really good recommendation letters from my psych & microbio and the head of the department of Health Sciences at my school would it help my chances. Plus, I have volunteer a lot of hours in ICU at the hospital, rehab center & Alzheimer's and Dementia center.
    I've also done a lot of crazy stuff when I was younger. I hang out with the wrong crowd & I have a misdemeanor farm thief back in 2007. I was 19! I've changed a lot and the rest of the grade for my Bachelors has been A's. Is this all going to factor into my acceptance in NYU. I'm really scared right now & if I can prove to them that I will be a amazing nurse and my past has made me a better person I would in a heart beat. Thank you for all your response! I appreciate it!!