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NYP housing

  1. 0 Hello everyone,

    I have been combing through many threads about NYP housing but they are a couple of years old. I am a recent hire at Columbia and am wondering what the NYP employment housing is like. I understand there is a long wait list, but can someone please tell me the average cost of a studio or one bedroom apartment at NYP? Do they allow pets? I have one small dog. Is it a traditional year-long lease or month by month?

    My lease in Brooklyn is done in a few months and I might stay but I was just curious if NYP housing rent is any more affordable than the usual Manhattan rent. I would like to weigh the pros and cons.

    I appreciate any advice. Thanks!
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    I happen to know several people who live in NYP housing, but at the Cornell campus, not Columbia. The rent is definitely more affordable than comparable studios in the area. I would assume that up at Columbia it would also be a good deal - that is the appeal of it. However, I don't know any specifics about the Columbia housing. Cornell's housing does have buildings that allow pets.
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    I'm eager to learn more, too. The website showed nice pictures and descriptions of all the buildings, but nothing about prices (go figure.)

    I currently live on York Ave in the 80s and love it....when my lease is up in the summer I'll consider a studio in Cornell housing.
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    I have several friends who live in Columbia housing. Their studios start at around $1200 and up, depending on whether there's an elevator or laundry in the building. They do allow pets (certain breeds) and it's month to month.