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  1. Hi All,
    I got a recent offer at Columbia NYP. They havent given me any information yet on orientation and start date and what not. I'm still waiting for a call back. I was just wondering if anyone has done the RN orientation at NYP Columbia? What was it like? How long were you in classroom as compared to on the unit? And what was the schedule like? I was hired for nights but I know that the orientation will start as days. Just wondering if it still three shifts a week or more like m-f 9-5 (for the classroom stuff).
    If anyone has any info I would really appreciate it!
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  3. by   Cait720
    It's M-F 8-4ish for 2 weeks of classroom then up to 12 weeks on 3 12 hour orientation shifts per week, length depending on previous experience. You start orienting on days and then switch to nights at some point, when depends on your unit.
  4. by   shadowness
    Not to hijack your thread but I was wondering whether youre a new grad or not. I have been looking to get into NYP and thought they werent hiring new grads yet. Also, did you work there prior? Thanks!
  5. by   kakc16
    Not a new grad but never worked in a hospital. Three years of clinic experience.
  6. by   Cait720
    I am a new grad but I got my job through a good friend who has been there a very long time. That's pretty much the only chance new grads have right now to get a job there. And even after the manger wanted to hire me, it still took some doing to convince the hospital to allow her to hire a new grad. They currently aren't accepting new grad applications unless you're internal. I applied back in April to the May/June New Grad Waitlist which is no longer posted and then did my HR phone screen. I finally got an in person interview in early October and was hired that week.