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Hello everyone, I stumbled upon this site while researching info on medicaid provider lpn's. I'm an LPN who recently became a medicaid provider, but I have no idea where to go from here. I have 3 years experience in home care,... Read More

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    It is very tough out here for lpns. Do you know of any nursing homes or agencies hiring lpns at the moment ?

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    I usually find those on craigslist too, check under jobs-medical/health
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    Hey fellow LPN, I am a NYS Medicaid Provider and my suggestion is that you e-mail the contact person or call them to let them know that you are interested in a private duty Medicaid case, leave your phone number so that when a request for prior approval is given, your name would come up and you can be recommended by them to the family. You can also go on Craigslist or do an internet search. Try to stay away from Service Bureaus that give you cases but charge you 10-15% of your weekly pay. I hope this helped you
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    Hello ladylpnfromthebronx being a NYS Medicaid provider do you have continuous cases or on and off ? Also how can I email the contact person ? I've been checking Craigslist daily but nothing so far

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