NSLIJ ED Fellowship 2012 - page 4

They are interviewing, I just got a call from them. Hoping to connect with prospective candidates and past candidates. What was your experience like? How long was the program? and most... Read More

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    Does anyone know if the patient safety institute guarantees you a spot ? I did my first 2 interviews and now i am going to patient safety orientation and i wanted to know is this the final fellowship group? Tia

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    @juicyyygirl, when did you have your 1st & 2nd interview? i did my 1st a week ago and havent heard back from nurse recruiter..
    Last edit by nursese on Dec 20, '12
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    About 3weeks ago 😔
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    I guess i didnt get the offer
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    I've been looking for this fellowship..does anyone know how to find it on the website? Is it under the RN job listing or somethign else?
    Thank You in advance
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    They usually post it randomly and take it down in 2-3 days later. you need to look it up everyday
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    Does anyone have any advice or heads up? What questions were asked? Was the head to toe basic, done on a Sim model or the recruiter? Anything that you think might be helpful thank you!

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