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Has anybody applied to the North Shore-LIJ critical care fellowship? If so, how did you apply because I'm having trouble applying online because there are no postings. Just wondering how I can start the process. Thanks for your... Read More

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    Your very welcome

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    Any updates on anyones recent interview process?
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    Hi guys,anybody has any idea about next interview process?and those who have interviewed,plz tell me what kind of questions they asked you?i am a new graduate
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    I am very interested in applying for this fellowship, but I don't graduate until May. Do you think I can apply still?

    If so, does anyone know anything about the next round of applications? I haven't seen anything on the website yet and am not sure who to contact to find more information...
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    the application was online from jan 31 to feb 3rd. three days only..does anyone know how long the fellowship is. aslo is it from mon to friday??
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    Hi all,
    I know this discussion is kind of old but I wanted to ask if any of you got accepted to the ICU fellowship and how was the interviewing process such as questions etc. Also what were your stats like and experience? Thanks much!

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