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    I took the NLN yesterday. It was quite difficult, the science portion mainly. Out of 80 questions, there were probably 10 anatomy and chemistry questions. Everything else was Physics. I don't understand it. Nevertheless, I scored a 108..Ugh! I did read that most people scored between a 50 and 150 but I can't help but feel that I just counted myself out of Medgars program and any other program that requires the NLN.
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    I got to Medgar Evers too. I just took the NLN today and also got a 108 score. Let's hope for the best!
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    Did you have a lot of Physics questions as well? Someone told me that they made this years test so hard because of an incident that happened yesterday. I did hear as well that they call back anyone who scored over 100, so good luck to you!