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  1. Okay so I recently have been exploring my options as a college student and have been diligently researching the nursing field, as well as the steps I will academically have to take in order to obtain a degree/job. I currently go to Stony Brook University and I am working on my Psych undergrad. I have decided that instead of finishing out my undergrad I am going to begin taking my pre reqs. I only need A&P 1 and 2, Micro, and Chemistry. I figured splitting the four into two semesters would make my life easier instead of bombarding myself with 4 rigorous science classes. I also thought taking on some volunteering at Stony Brook Hospital during those two semesters would help when applying to nursing programs too. Now here is my dilemma. I would love to get into Stony Brook's nursing program because I have heard good things about it, the cost would really help me, I love Stony Brook, and it's the closest university to me on Long Island other than Suffolk. The only reason I don't want to go back to Suffolk (I received my associates there), is because they only offer an A.S. in nursing and I have talked to a few current nurses (family & friends family) that say most nurses being hired are required to have their full B.S. now. I have read multiple forums on this website about Stony Brook's nursing program and many have said that it's extremely competitive just like all the nursing programs are nowadays, for the demand of students applying has more than doubled over the last decade. I really want to get into a program and start my academic career and work towards becoming a nurse as soon as possible. Up until last semester I thought I had everything planned out for myself on a psychology track, but with more research I feel I have no choice but to change majors in order to obtain financial stability, for the job market doesn't look promising. I am not opposed to other nursing programs on Long Island, and would even consider the city if it meant I would get into one. I have a friend who went to Adelphi for nursing, she recently passed her boards and loved Adelphi, but the cost of tuition isn't something that appeals to me. 29k a year seems even more excessive when I compare it too Stony Brook's 7k. Does anyone believe getting into Adelphi would be easier? I've heard great things about Adelphi's program but I am just wondering if there are more seats available because not many people want to pay the price tag, like me for example. I just really would appreciate some advice in terms of applying to nursing schools and any advice at this point is great advice. Lastly, I have read on other forums here that taking the LPN track before RN might be helpful when applying, but I don't want to take a year away and do that if I really don't have too. However if taking my LPN meant that it would greatly increase my chances of getting into a program than I would do it in a heartbeat. Also, does anyone know if there are lpn to rn programs on long island?
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